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If there is one place near Manila that I will recommend for total relaxation and vacation, that's Bolinao! A third class municipality located at the northernmost tip of western Pangasinan. Fortunately, it is surrounded by a span of white beaches that can match famous beaches like Boracay and Palawan. Besides pristine beaches, it also offers fresh plates of seafood, enchanting stalactite-rich caves, amazing waterfalls, centuries-old church, underground rivers, clean rivers, river cruise floating restaurant, rock formation, and lighthouse. A worth and complete relaxing package!

There are limited nightlife establishments like bars and restaurants in Bolinao, unlike other known tourist destinations, a very conducive place for meditation and relaxation. You can spend the nights at the beach under the stars and enjoy the sound of waves, indeed a solitude place for a memorable weekend getaway. 



One of the leading beach here is the Patar, an underrated but dubbed as the "Boracay of Pangasinan" and considered one of the finest and the most beautiful beaches to visit in Pangasinan. Patar beach, a 45-minute drive from the town of Alaminos, Pangasinan, is surrounded by different resorts and hotels with a different class of accommodations. Before entering the town of Bolinao, turn left to Saturnino Camangian road going to Patar. At the end of the road after Enchanted Cave and Cape Bolinao, you will arrive at Patar White Beach.

Enjoy the fine sand of Patar Beach and see why it is labeled as one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines! The coastline extends up to the towns of Agno, Bani, Burgos, and Dasol. The astonishing vibrant, clear blue skies that conform to the turquoise crystal clear water. Stroll along the boundless shore and observe the overlooking endless China Sea. You can feel the gentle wind of the sea breeze and the beautiful view of the colors of the fiery sunset. Continue strolling along the far end right of the shore you will see some small coves and rock formations, an excellent backdrop for sunset photography. The coastline is facing west, thereby giving you the best view for sunset. No wonder it is one of the top choices of travellers. Its euphoria!


A few minutes before Patar beach, is the Cape Bolinao lighthouse. There is a road uphill leading to the iconic tower graced with various fauna and flora.

It was constructed in 1905 by British, Filipino, and American engineers. It was then the tallest in the whole of Pangasinan next to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. The tower stands at 30.78 Meters or 101 Ft on a hill on Punta Piedra Point. There's also a deck beside the tower overlooking the impressive view of Patar beach and a perfect place to watch the sunset.


You cannot leave Bolinao without visiting one of its highlights, The CAVES, of course! Bolinao journey is not complete if you miss these mysterious and famous caves. 

  • EnchantedCave
  • WonderfulCave 
  • Cindy'sCave

Among the caves in Bolinao, Enchanted Cave is the most popular one. This place is a privately owned resort, about 2.5 kilometers away from Patar Beach. The entrance to the resort is ?100+ per head, and there is a big parking lot inside the resort.

The last time I visited this resort, it has been entirely developed. Now the area is covered with trees and adorned with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, fossilized giant clams, and coral formations. I can't fathom how these giant clams exist there! I think these explain that this area is once beneath the sea. You can now swim in their landscaped pools adorned with human-made waterfalls. Relax on their hammocks within the mini forest landscape. You can walk in their nature and garden sceneries or rent a cabana where you can take a rest and eat. There's a pathway uphill where you can view the entire place around. The area is so clean and breathtaking; the development didn't reduce the concept of wilderness.

The most exciting of all is the excellent underground pool. Descending down to a dim, narrow opening, then a spectacular emerald crystal clear natural pool will appear at the bottom. They require hard hats and lifejackets for your protection. They allow only 40 pax inside the Cave for 30 mins. It is advisable to bring sandals or booties because rocks are sharp around the pool to avoid injuries.

Wonderful Cave and Cindy's Cave is also a private, residential area with limited amenities inside the area. It's a cool place also for swimming.


Bolinao beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and its waterfalls are no exception. Prepare to be overwhelmed with cheer and amazement once you get to see the Bolinao Falls. Bolinao Falls is at least thirteen kilometers away from the town proper. Two roads are leading to Bolinao falls, one towards Barangay Samang Norte and the other one towards upland, the road near the bridge on the Balingasay River. From the National Road, it takes about 6 kilometers to reach the waterfalls.

During the first half of the trip, you'll notice that the road is paved but narrow. The other half is still under construction, bumpy and dusty, but passable.

The first time we went there, there is only one waterfall accessible then for the public. After several visits, it was surprising to know that Bolinao now has three waterfalls to offer in its vicinity. The roads are improving and clear parking lots.  

• Falls 1

It can be accessed through a short walk from the unpaved parking lot. A brief gradual descend of a paved stairway from the park will bring you to the base where the view of the waterfalls is set. Falls greeted us with full of enthusiasm and delight. Its entire splendor is serenading us with the sound of a streaming river and the soothing sound of the plunging water. It is formed by a small yet deep catch blue-green water basin. Seeing the tall rock structure that seemed to be a jumping point of the waterfall sounds inviting makes the adventure in us tempted to jump. You can throw yourself into the heart-stopping waterfall cliff, which is permitted and has a depth said to be around 10 meters. There are cottages for rent near the stream suitable for picnics.

There is a hidden shortcut trail going to Falls 2 without going out of Falls 1, but the locals there will not disclose the way to oblige you to get some guides and pay the entrance fee for the 2nd falls. If fortunate, you will find yourself walking on bamboo bridges. Be careful on your way; some of the rocks can be a little sharp and slippery, so make sure to wear proper footwear.

• Falls 2

This falls is much shorter but has a more extensive basin than falls 1. However, it has a unique atmosphere; it's more of a group of streams, serves as a water park for families and kids given its wide-open space. It's also a place for a medium-high cliff jump. The streams are much shallow, flowing down from the smooth limestone formations and ideal for kids and families. The area is much shaded.

• Falls 3

This Falls is the most distant amongst the three, approximately 45minutes tricycle drive from the 2nd falls. I can say it is the road less travelled, less crowded, and less developed. It needs tricycle or 4X4 vehicle to access these bumpy and rough roads leading to Falls 3. This falls is much advisable for children or non-swimmers.

Standard fees for all fall:

  • Entrance fee - ?50
  • Cottage rental is ?200 and above 
  • The Parking fee is ?20.
  • Life vest P50

5. BOLINAO CHURCH (St. James the Great Parish)

If you love old Hispanic churches, then St. James the Great Parish is the place to be, one of Pangasinan's notable attractions. This beautiful 400-year-old High Renaissance style church was built in the 16th century by the Augustinian friars. Located at the town center, despite countless major calamities, it manages to stand still, but it has undergone several thorough renovations. Its appearance features an ancient church blended with a little aspect of modern components.


What is a remarkable journey without good food matching with great ambiance? Who would not like to experience dining in the Loboc River floating restaurant of Bohol, where one can get on board a floating restaurant and enjoy the buffet meal while cruising in the river? But travelling to Bohol is not easily accessible if you're from Luzon; the tedious task of booking flights and hotels to Bohol which needs to conform to your open schedules. 

Fortunately, you can now experience the same concept of Floating Restaurant in Bolinao! Yes, but minus the group of singers serenading you while enjoying your meals! In the heart of Bolinao, you can visit the Sungayan Grill, where you can enjoy the delicious extraordinary meals. The restaurant is built in bamboos, including the tables and chairs. The hut is designed to float on a river where you can do a river cruise while eating with an extra charge fee of 1,000 Php. This serene open ambiance setting plus the river backdrop will definitely gratify your experience.

For the large group, you can order for a Fiesta Bilao Grill, which is ideally much cheaper. Usually, it consists of typical Filipino dishes like grilled sungayan fish, a variety of seafood, pork, and an array of vegetables that will make you drool.

Bolinao is a short getaway from Manila. You can spend any time of the year, whether it's summer or rainy season. With its abundance and remarkable wonders as well, where else you want to stay?

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