Midlife Adventure

Bong Magana

Time is said to be eternal, it passes by, no holiday waits for no one, and it goes precisely with our age. Every age has its own stories to tell. There is a particular stage in our life that we begin to confront generation anxieties." What will I do with my life now?" "What does the future hold for me?" We start to get bored, battling about the passage of times, act confused or lost, and star to sort out the contradictions we feel. We begin to be sensitive to outside judgments and trying to escape from it. A different range of behaviors most adults go through during the mid-life period.
Some cynical beings treat the aging stage as something ridiculous. These are the people who are not prepared to accept that aging is an unavoidable natural process. Most of the essential things in life cannot be precisely defined or quantifiable in terms of age. We can't deny the fact that all of us will experience aging by the grace of God.

I admire young people who seek and pursue their goals and talents in the early stages of their lives - pushing the boundaries of what life has to offer and acceptable to them. They are growing up in the sense that they embrace the power of learning, personal growth, challenges, personal achievement, and learning on what lies ahead. This mentality will be their tool to fulfillment and happiness. Their perspective about life is now clear. Their desire and talent will direct them on what route to pursue and assure them of who they are someday.

The advent of our natal day is approaching another year will pass. During this stage of our life, we usually carry poignant pictures in the back of our minds about our journey from the past. It often illustrates as something deteriorating transformation and declining phase of our life – which is CERTAIN, sad to say. We can't bring back time anymore. At this stage of defining the moment, I acknowledge the inevitable and pay less attention to outside judgments. I watch these cynics whine and observe what they have achieved concerning what they say. I learned to detach to anything, including opinions, the ego of winning or being right. They say, "you're old enough to know better but still young enough to do things you desire." Yes, I try to enjoy things and do my very best in everything I do. I spend time learning anything that interests me and accomplishing my bucket list of things I want to achieve.

We only perceive aging when we start abandoning our goals, deserting our ideals, and losing our enthusiasm. No matter how our age is, we are never too young or too old going after what we want. What's important is how we learned and how gracefully we handled midlife. Keep learning and be active in letting our minds stay young and positive. Know yourself, be true to yourself, and don't pretend to be something you are not and can never be. Focus more on something positive within you, enhance and explore it, not on someone's negativity that you might think will conceal your frustrations and self-worth. Make something that will leave marks and benefit others. It is also essential that we should have goals and accomplish them. Stay productive, create a positive mindset, and feel fulfilled. It will lessen our worry about aging, a lousy attitude which active people have no time to entertain. Listen to other people's opinions, especially those who are of significant influence to you and prove something in life, not just in terms of wealth. Wealth is something that enriches our ego primarily, but fulfillment and achievements are something far beyond wealth that enriches our heart, mind, and soul. 

"Life is an adventure, explore, learn, and satisfy yourself with it."