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Now let’s drive to the northernmost part of ILOCOS NORTE to its neighboring municipality of Pagudpud, a one and a half hours drive or 77 kilometers away from Laoag City.

Pagudpud’s is blessed with picturesque sceneries, and without a doubt, it is the most popular beach destination in the Philippines. The home of stunning unique tourist attractions like pristine beaches, extended shoreline, impressive rock formations, scenic countrysides, and beautiful waterfalls that keeps on fascinating tourists.

Pagudpud has several beach resorts along its coast; one is Saud Beach, located 4 km from the town of Pagudpud, a perfect place to be if you want some peaceful and cozy beaches. There are fewer people here than other renowned beaches nearby. It’s prominent because of the more extensive and longer strip of powdery white sand balanced with the magnificent scenery of coconut palm trees line up gorgeously. The gentle, soothing sound of curling water breaking onto the shore matched with a backdrop of fantastic sunset perfect for relaxation and reflection. You can also try water sports like swimming, surfing or play volleyball. There are many affordable resorts and restaurants near the shore. From Saud, one can see the windmills of Bangui in the distance

Maira-ira Beach is also known as the Blue Lagoon, but it’s more comparable to a cove than a lagoon. Located in barangay Baloi, It was called Blue Lagoon because of its crystal blue sea stretching out to the West Philippine Sea, one of the most well-known destinations in Pagudpud. Maira-ira beaches ringed of lush green mountains and feature clear emerald waters. The sand is almost white and is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches up north, and it is used to be a secret destination. There are several luxury resorts and budget along the way a perfect place to stay.

There are plenty of water activities that you can do in Pagudpud. You can try the banana boat, surfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, pedal boats. If you’re craving for much daring adventure, then you can hover Hannah’s zipline. It’s around 1.2 kilometers long, known to be the world’s longest zipline in the “over water” category.

Alongside the rise of Pagudpud to fame is the discovery of other fascinating places around, thus delimiting the number of things to do in the municipality.



Half-way to Pagudpud, you will pass through the town of Burgos; there is a large sign along the national highway, which serves as the landmark for the popular Burgoz Lighthouse. You can drop by and visit the famous and most visited Lighthouse in the Philippines, also known as Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

It is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, constructed in 1887 during the Spanish occupation. It was first lighted on March 30, 1892, until this time it still active in welcoming ships from the north and guiding them along the port safely.  This centennial lighthouse serves as a beacon for signalling galleon ships from Acapulco during the Spanish Colonial period.

This octagonal shape tower rest majestically on top of Vigia de Nagparitan Hill; it is made up of brick walls just like the style of many other lighthouses in the country and perfectly adorned with a bronze dome or copula. The view up there is fantastic, which offers the spectacular view of the rugged mountains, panoramic view of the sea, and the magical sunset. Standing at 20 meters high (total height is about 160-170 meters high). The place is elegantly remarkably well-preserved and nicely maintained, plus surrounded by a garden. The tower is so gorgeous and has several rooms of museum that gives you knowledge of the past.

From the parking, vehicles were not allowed to enter the road leading to the Lighthouse. You have to register first at the tourist center; there is an entrance fee of 10 Php upon entering the Lighthouse. From this point, you have two options, either hire a tricycle to bring you up, or you can walk, but it's an uphill climb. Don't worry, the guides are friendly, they are also excellent photographers; they know where the best spots and angles to shoot for you.



Finally fulfilled with your visit to Burgos Lighthouse, now we headed to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, just 15 minutes drive from the lighthouse.

It's really fascinating how these rock formations gracefully designed by nature, formed after thousands of years of gradual pounding made by crashing ocean waves and wind.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation derived its name from the Ilocano word "puraw," which means "white" since most of the rock formations in that area are white. This remarkable rock formation is one of the most recognizable attractions in Burgos town. Its unique shape and white color what makes appealing to tourist; you'll be amazed by its natural beauty

From the parking lot, you need to pay an entrance fee of P15 Php. Then take the flight of stairs going down and walk towards the beach to reach the rock formation. Make sure to bring a cap/umbrella to avoid the scorching heat of the sun or go there early morning. You can also rent horses to ride around. Still, I don't recommend this because it's only 10 minutes walking to the rock formation.

Due to many vandals, it is no longer allowed to go near the rock formations. Take your time to enjoy the views from a distance still a perfect backdrop for your photos.  



When you think of Pagudpud, you probably imagine windmill images; maybe some of you’ve seen it on photos. Well, after the town of Burgos, next is the town of Bangui, where the iconic Bangui Windmill stands. Tourists flock in Bangui to catch a glimpse of these windmills. You can’t miss them; you can see the windmills on the road leading to Pagudpud.

There are more than twenty (20) of these monumental machines dotted along the coast of Bangui and one of the major attractions of Ilocos. The Bangui Windmills are standing tall over the black sand beach 70m-high lined up over a 9km stretch of the Bangui Bay shoreline and became a symbol for Ilocos Norte. It serves as both a tourist attraction (for free) and a source of renewable energy in the province. It was an environmental tool and constructed primarily to provide electricity throughout the region enough to support 40% of their power requirements. These giant structures are actually called wind turbines; the windmills generate renewable energy of 25 MW of electricity to power up an estimated 108,000 households.

Before you reach the windmills, you’ll pass through another famous iconic landmark, thePagudpud’s Welcome Arch.” A perfect place to take pictures knowing that it’s a sign of relief after you‘ve been through endless hours of travel; it signifies you’ve almost reached your destination, the farthest end of North of Luzon. Take a picture of the famous arc and enjoy the moment.

The real emotional intensity begins when you start to see the tiny images of the windmills along the highway. Please be aware that there’s no marker to guide you where to turn left to the Windmill Farm. You can ask the locals out there. Be sure to bring an umbrella or hat because there is no shade along the shoreline.

You will be caught unprepared when you gazed upon these colossal towers.

The view of these giant turbines is truly massive and impressive. The windmills are absolutely astonishing as you get closer; you will feel humbly tiny and blown-away as you gazed beneath these gigantic fans. The surrounding scenery, blended with a lovely sunset, creates a spectacular background. Picture perfect as they say!



Don't ever skip Patapat viaduct in your Ilocos itinerary. It is architectural excellence built along an impressive mountain's slope facing the ocean to prevent the problem of landslides in the area before.  

This viaduct is based above the coastal areas of Pagudpod, on the northernmost tip of Luzon that leads to Cagayan Province. The Patapat Viaduct is a 1.3 km long, and that connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley Region. This remarkable structure is the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines, elevated at 31 meters, and was completed in 1986.

Its majestic scenery of the sea and the adjacent mountains is what makes this winding road famous for tourists; the landscape will leave you dumbfounded. 

Along the way, you will be greeted by the Mabugabog Falls and the Kalbario Natural Park. You will enjoy the magnificent view of the blue ocean, and it's one of the nearest attractions to Blue Lagoon. You can pay a short stop-over here, the best place for a picture-perfect moment, Picturesque! 


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